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Why Windward

why windward

Fusing maritime
and data sciences

Predictive intelligence that empowers actionable decisions in maritime safety, security, compliance, supply chain and across the ecosystem, combining best-in-class data sciences and a deep understanding of what happens at sea.
About Windward


Predictive Intelligence to optimize your operations and mitigate risk

The maritime world is going through a growth-driven digital transformation. We partner to create the next generation of global standards, to conduct activities faster, safer, and more efficiently. Together we will develop the new operational best practices - Predictive intelligence that paves your future path.

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Protect your interests

Protect your interests

The maritime ecosystem faces growing scrutiny from regulators, authorities and public opinion, as well as threats from bad actors.

Combining predictive intelligence underpinned by behavioral analysis helps you to see beyond the here and now, and spot the things that look out of place.

Expand your business

Expand your business

The maritime world is highly competitive, with pressure to deliver the best possible results, often against the clock. 

Combining your experience with decision-ready intelligence, empowers you to collaborate and expand to maximize the potential on an operational, strategic, and business level.





at your service

Augmenting human intuition and expertise with the power of AI creates the decisions you need the moment you need them with MAIA - Maritime Artificial Intelligence Analytics

  • Operational Intelligence

    Multilayered, dynamic intelligence provides real-time, operational intelligence beyond the ships at sea, driving efficient operation, control, and collaboration.

  • Predictive Modeling

    Deep Learning identifies patterns to create profiles to empower better decisions Screening, searching, analyzing, and linking dynamic maritime data to connect the dots for human evaluation so that no trace is missed.

  • Risk Management

    Providing real-time business readiness through predictive intelligence on the global maritime supply chain to mitigate risk and optimize your business opportunities.



Captain’s Insights

The time for digitalization

The maritime industry cannot avoid digitalization for much longer. The recent global pandemic alongside the new sanctions advisories has led the shipping industry to a tipping point necessitating new ways of operation and management.

Ami Daniel


Deep meetings

To reduce the workload and the potential for human error, technology integration is crucial in every aspect of maritime, including STS. The way to do that is by bringing together human experts with advanced technology.

Gilad Landau

Senior Data Scientist

Uncover secrets in plain sights

It is relatively easy to see something and understand it. But what about what you cannot see? Layering knowledge and fusing vast amounts of data provides a new foresight level, adding a fresh perspective and uncovering new connections hidden in plain sight. When this ability is dynamic and can adapt instantly to new challenges and changes, it becomes invaluable

Nadav Libhaber

Director of Client Engagment