About us

Why we’re here

We enable maritime professionals to see beyond the horizon for every decision, no matter how big or small.

Fair Winds and Following Seas

We love the sea, but its complexities make it one of the most difficult environments for businesses to navigate.

We recognize the maritime ecosystem needs a new way to harness data to stay on top of dynamic events and emerging trends. This is exactly what Windward provides, by fusing maritime data and artificial intelligence.

Today, Windward is a global leader in maritime insights and technological innovation. Thanks to the unique way we collect, clean and analyze data in real-time – including our partners’ proprietary data– we’re able to provide the right insights, with the right context, at the right time.

Key figures

20% Employees 4+ yrs
3 Captains
39% of employees are R&D
7 Naval officers
4 Continents of operation
$500m Biggest drug bust
3 Offices
10+ Years

Where we’re heading

Make the seas safer and help the maritime ecosystem thrive through data and insights.


John Browne


Ami Daniel

Co-Founder and CEO

Matan Peled

Co-Founder and Head of U.S.

Ofer Segev


Keren Edlund

VP Legal Affairs & Chief of Staff

Ory Yassur

VP Product Management

Irit Singer

VP Marketing

Issey Ende

VP Sales

Ravid Shomer-Shalom

Head of HR

Ron Crean

VP Commercial


Our Auxiliary Forces

We’ve grown tremendously over the last decade by partnering with visionaries from the business world and the maritime ecosystem.