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Taking control with Predictive Intelligence


Speed up investigations by improving your ability to identify potential maritime crime before it happens

Bad actors are getting faster, smarter, and better at hiding their actions at sea. Legacy solutions are often unable to recognize the new sophisticated measures criminals take, putting you at a disadvantage of information and timeliness vis a vis these bad actors. 

Cutting edge artificial intelligence and big data analysis can transform data into decision-supporting insight, giving you the ability to take a predictive approach to law enforcement and maritime domain awareness and regain the control you need.

Intelligence beyond the seas
Better control
  • Gain a complete view beyond the “here and now”.
  • Identify potential illicit activities by enhancing your tool kit with behavioral intelligence.
  • Drive informed decision making by seeing a comprehensive intelligence picture.
Operational efficency
  • React faster and smarter, ensuring deployment of the right resources at the right time
  • Get real-time mission-critical insights to retain adaptability in your operations
  • Detect high-risk targets before they arrive at your operational horizon
Predictive maritime intelligence
  • Integrate comprehensive insights of ships, companies, and ports worldwide
  • Enhanced analysis of patterns, anomalies, and trends allows powerful behavioral intelligence to optimize your control
  • Dynamic vessel risk score calculated daily based on behavior enables agile and flexible operational intelligence

"Windward is a valuable source of intelligence for the Panel’s investigations concerning maritime sanctions and North Korea."

Alastair Morgan Former Coordinator, United Nations Panel of Experts

Impact on organizations

  • Defend against maritime threats
  • Detect and prevent local and global crimes
  • Make your country safer
  • Discover new leads in real-time
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Answer complex questions quickly
  • Effectively prioritize targets
  • Dynamic configuration of risk profiles help meet your mission goals
  • Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, teams, and across relevant divisions
Why Windward