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Helping marine insurers boost profitability by quantifying dynamic risk.

The marine insurance industry is not for the faint-hearted. Market conditions have been putting pressure on underwriters to lower prices, leading to challenging books across the industry. This makes risk selection and loss prevention more critical than ever.

That’s where we come in. Windward Insurance extends the reach of traditional risk assessment, providing marine insurers with decision-support tools and valuable insights that enhance their portfolios’ performance.

Our technology continuously monitors and analyzes what ships are doing, including: how they’re navigating; where they’re operating; when they’re operating; what they do in rough weather; and how they maneuver in ports. Our models use these vessel operating patterns and behavioral traits to predict the likelihood of their having an accident in the year ahead.
Windward Insurance is integrated into proprietary technical pricing models, augmenting the underwriting decision process and improving profitability. If an accident happens, claims professionals can quickly access rich context to reveal the circumstances up to and including the accident, saving valuable time and reducing costs.


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