Use Case : Know Your Vessel (KYV)™

Know which ships are safe for business


Proactively mitigate emerging risks and discover hidden opportunities

The changing maritime landscape demands a dynamic approach to stay ahead. Know Your Vessel (KYV™) is the new KYC for the maritime ecosystem. 

KYV™ enables businesses to verify ships’ identities and locations, gain visibility into their operations and flag suspicious activities.

Ensure business readiness
Streamline Know Your Customer
  • Efficiently investigate and clear high-risk activities.
  • Meet regulatory expectations for AIS monitoring and due diligence.
  • Integrate automated risk assessments for onboarding new maritime clients.
Strengthen counterparty due diligence
  • Screen parties involved in maritime-related transactions with Go/No-Go clearance recommendation.
  • Identify breaches in contracts and policies such as AIS disablement.
  • Vet suppliers for risk indicators such as deceptive shipping practices.
Continuous business readiness
  • Get an up to date overview, 24/7, 365 days a year of your portfolio risk exposure.
  • Set up real-time alerts for high-risk activities. 
  • Undertake due diligence into historical operations before acquisition.

"Windward enabled us to strengthen our screening environment with in-depth behavioral risk analysis and the tool has enhanced several investigations at our bank"

Susan Rodihan Depuy Managing Director, Head of Sanctions Compliance for the Americas, Société Générale

Trade finance

Strengthen transaction screenings to maximize business opportunities

Marine insurance

Verify insured fleets comply with global sanctions

Ship owners

Monitor fleet in real-time and enable efficient operations

Commodity traders

Ensure chartered vessels comply with global trading regulations

Bunkering providers

Screen transactions to clear vessels for business

Ship brokers

Preemptively screen ships to assess their business readiness


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