Use Case : National Security

Catch the Bad Guys at Sea


React faster to emerging threats by automatically detecting anomalies, trends, and high-risk targets.

National security threats and challenges are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated.

Therefore maritime security professionals need to be able to identify each threat and preemptively react to protect the country and its citizens.

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Enhance operational effectiveness
  • Monitor, alert, and prioritize targets while simultaneously identifying potential risks as they emerge. 
  • Assess and compare the historical pattern-of-life of every vessel, going beyond the ‘here and now,’ to enhance situational awareness.
  • Improve efficiency with immediate insights tailored to your specific mission needs.
Gain actionable insights
  • Preempt emerging threats with immediate access to the insights most relevant to your organization.
  • Respond faster to cross-border crimes by effectively prioritizing  emerging threats and hazards.
  • Deploy automatic notifications and dissemination of high-risk targets.
AI-Powered threat analysis
  • Gain real-time actionable insights that support decisions in time-critical cases based on dynamic risk profiles.
  • Detect security-related events and anomalous situations,  and allocate resources on potential new threats accordingly.
  • Facilitate control of national waters with dynamic behavioral-based risk score for every vessel.

"Windward is an essential partner in our fight against drug smuggling and always provides the right support when needed."

Michael O'Sullivan Executive Director - MAOC (N)


Prioritize high-risk targets ahead of time


Enhance operations and maritime domain awareness

Maritime authorities

Control national waters and analyze vessel traffic

Fishing authorities

Monitor fishing activities and detect potential violations

Border control

Prioritize high-risk targets ahead of time

Law enforcement

Identify and prevent illicit activities


Gain immediate access to maritime intelligence.

Proprietary data

Integrate your proprietary data for even greater insights.


Integrate deep insights into existing systems, sources and workflows.

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