Use Case : Risk Management

Control your risk


Implement a 360 risk management framework for your maritime related business activities

Shipping plays a central role in sanctions evasion, arms trafficking, narcotics smuggling, human trafficking, and other illicit activities.

Implementing a dynamic risk-based approach to managing exposure is critical to protect your organization and keeping business on track.

Dynamically manage your risk
Customize a risk-based approach
  • Combine behavioral analysis, vessel characteristics, and company details to build risk profiles that suit your organization’s risk tolerance.
  • Access real-time assessments and alerts for smuggling, sanctions or safety risk in one place.
  • Set risk thresholds based on your specific company needs and business goals.
Anticipate emerging risks
  • Dynamically discover and identify operational trends in the global fleet as well as your own portfolio.
  • Proactively identify high-risk counter-parties before designation.
  • Automatically implement the latest guidelines and best practices with a constantly updated solution.
Keep business on track
  • Reduce false positives and clear more vessels to enable more business.
  • Investigate escalated cases in real-time to minimize business impact.
  • Automatically generate insight driven reports for cross business collaboration.

"We have partnered with Windward for a number of years, collaborating closely to develop and expand [the business with] their advanced technology, in order to build a robust and dynamic international sanctions risk approach and implement specific compliance controls for the product phases"

Livio Russo Group Head of Financial Crime Compliance, Generali

Commodity traders

Ensure chartered vessels are cleared for business

Trade finance

Strengthen transaction screenings for dynamic risk management

Ship owners

Monitor fleet in real-time and clear more vessels for business

Bunkering providers

Screen transactions to enable efficient operations

Ship brokers

Preemptively screen ships and reduce false positives

Marine insurance

Verify insured fleets comply with global sanctions

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