Use Case : Risk Selection

Deeper Analysis, Greater Efficiencies


Optimize risk selection, improve efficiency, and gain deeper insights into the profile of your fleets.

Every underwriter has a different way of assessing the risk levels they are able and willing to assume.

To streamline risk management and provide immediate perspective on the risk level, it is necessary to dive deep into the data and benchmark information with historical trading patterns, port calls and more.

Let's go deeper
Business Planning
  • Prioritize to improve risk assessment and reduce underwriting time.
  • Easily benchmark risk assessment using historical and proprietary trading data.
  • Identify and optimize leads in advance.
Risk Selection
  • Gain additional perspective on risk level assessment per unique case.
  • Leverage decision-ready data to maximize underwriting time and identify new opportunities.
  • Optimize vessel and fleet risk selection and continually extend your competitive edge.
Portfolio Monitoring and Analysis
  • Easily analyze portfolio performance and identify changes in real-time.
  • Customized trigger notifications based on predetermined risk level changes to your portfolio.
  • Improve your loss-ratios across your portfolios by managing your risk exposure.

"Windward is a critical and trusted partner for fleet managers and marine insurance underwriters."

Tom Hutton Managing Partner, XL Innovate

Relevant to


Greater differentiation between ostensibly similar fleets


Win new business by bringing together lower risk fleets and underwriters who use behavioral analytics to assess risk


Behaviorial analytics at a portfolio level provides immediate comparison between reinsured’s portfolios

Loss Prevention

Use analytics to ensure vessels are adopting best practice at sea

Integrate into your Organization


Gain immediate access to behavioral insights into every vessel and fleet

Your claims data

Integrate your proprietary claims data for even more insights into your portfolio

Data services

Integrate predictive insights into existing systems and pricing models

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